Not every customer's information is necessarily shared with every company listed: some may only receive information about customers in particular countries, or falling into particular groups (such as having an outstanding debt).

While this matrix is truncated to only show the most commonly shared pieces of personal information, clicking on a category name will show all of the corresponding companies in PayPal's list. Hovering over a company name will show the full list of data types shared, and the purpose for sharing them.

Caveat There may also be errors in how information was extracted from PayPal's original list, which has several problems: typos in the original data ("Sky Cconsulting"), inconsistent spelling ("email" and "e-mail"), vague phrases rather than explicit lists ("all information obtained from surveys", "All account information"), and inconsistent use of commas (sometimes semicolons are used to separate names of companies given the same data access; sometimes commas are used to separate both different company names and parts of the same company name). Ideally, there would be some open standard for reporting how data is shared that included official company registration numbers and a controlled vocabulary for data types.